Participatory communication for actor, music stand, little chair and sketchbook

From Pedro Branco and Catarina Santana I by André Louro

Available for tour

Artur Abreu de Matos is going to be a father soon and is radiant. Given the privilege of welcoming a new life and the overwhelming responsibility of having to take care of it, Arthur is faced with the weight of one of the first choices to make among many: what name will he give to his son. He then decides to take a tour, to seek for guidance and some comfort that may be of use in this important decision-making. The enthusiastic and obsessive search for a name for his son ends up leading Arthur in a reflection on his own identity as well as the audience: the similarities are observed, the differences are celebrated and the pleasure of the collective act is experienced in the questioning and creation of solutions to the great life queries.

“Name” is a raw sharing of the present moment between the actor and his audience: the encounter and frank conversation are the starting point, the play and freedom arise from the relationship that happens between everyone, either being from present, future and past ...

For the communication, Artur takes his notes with him, a sketchbook where he makes a pictorial record of the strategies, conclusions and states of mind of his journey, in the search for a name. At the end of the show, the audience is invited by Arthur to take a look at these records, in an installation / exhibition that is being set up by Arthur during the show. These are drawings made by the artist Rui Silvares who followed the rehearsals of the show and, using different crafts, created several drawings that will be displayed on stage at the end of the show to be visited by the public.


What is in a name?, Sarah Adamopoulos, Patrícula Elementar

"(...) Name, the show created by Companhia da Chanca, creatively addresses the theme of the name - the proper name that parents give their children to take them through life. What is a name? What does a name contain if it is associated with someone close? Who would we be without a name? (...) "