2 Missed Calls

New Portuguese Instrumental Music

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2 Missed Calls is the curious motto of this trio musical project. They allow us to listen to the creative work of musicians experienced in mapping new territories of instrumental music for a wide audience. Curious and humorous, due to their everyday simplicity, are the images that inspire and name some of the themes (O paninho/The kitchen cloth, Aquário/ Fishtank e Carregado/Loaded), or the friendly and complicit colloquiality of Oh Zé, Ai bonitinha and Porreiro Pá. These are some of the accessways to the rhythmic and melodic imagery that 2 Missed Calls have spun into a tightly woven tapestry of captivating sound lines from a variety of sources. Their exploratory take on different genres, can be heard in the characteristic duration of each theme's pop undertones, in the sometimes expressionist and analogic atmospheres of early cinema, in their unique response to the contemporary masters' experimentalism, in Andre Louro's spontaneous and lively humor, and can be best understood in the music sheets of these three instrumental voices.


The Blitz list of the 50 best 2020 Portuguese music albums

A year of unthinkable challenges that did not silence the music that was made here. 2020 asked for bravery, resistance, combat, courage, talent. Much talent. These are the best albums of the last 12 months of music in Portugal, 50 choices of those who make BLITZ every day. Today's music for tomorrow. An immense pleasure.

Bodyspace, Paulo Cecílio

"(...) is it jazz? Is it classical music? Is it music from the movies? Perhaps the latter is closer to the truth, since the themes are unraveling like a cinematic narrative in which images are everything we think about while listening (a fool dancing happily, for example, in the middle of "Suite do Chaos"). (...) this album is much more than "Porreiro, Pá / Cool, Man". "

Dizsonancias, Margarida Azevedo

"If I would like to write a fictional narrative for this album? I would love to! Because between Zé and Suite do Caos there is a lot to tell. 
A disc to listen carefully and that makes us curious to see the band live performance."

Sapo Cultura

"The instrumental music trio 2 Chamadas Não Atendidas launches today their first album, with the same emphasis, on songs that " say something "to those who listen, pianist André Louro explained to Lusa."

Público, Nuno Pacheco

"It started in a movie and resulted in a record. But it was born in the theater. It is no conundrum, it is the real story of the 2 Missed Calls project, whose homonymous record began to be released in the middle of a pandemic in stores and on digital platforms."   

Scratch Magazine, Irene Mónica Leite

"The debut album of the group “2 Missed Calls” conquers immediately for its engaging and even cinematic character, this in addition to the adventure arising from the creative impulse in its purest state: freedom."   

Antena 2, Paulo Alves Guerra

"A dialogue that is, at times melancholic, at times a little frantic between these three instruments, musical speeches that are always unexpected, peculiar and humorous ..."