A reflection of freedom and beauty to think the path of rurality.

Companhia da Chanca is a professional theater company founded in 2015 by two Lisbon artists who decide to relocate their activity to the inland of Portugal. This change in the socio-cultural context in which the Company has established itself is reflected in its creations and its citizen activity, which reveal its concern in delivering to a diverse audience (in age, language, culture and maturity as a public) contemporary artworks and democratic artistic and cultural experiences.


Artistic direction


Graduated from the Lisbon School of Theater and Cinema, actor training course and École Internationale de Théâtre Lassaad in Brussels, “Jacques Lecoq” method for performers and creators.  Holds the monologue “O Libertino strolls through Braga, the idolatrous, its splendor” by Luiz Pacheco. He worked in the theatre groups A Barraca, Companhia de Teatro de Almada and Teatro Extrêmo. He was assistant to creation at Companhia Olga Roriz. Staged “Debandada”. He had several participations in Portuguese television series. He composed music for several theatrical projects. He composes and features the string quartet Penicos de Prata, erotic and satirical poetry music and of the trio of piano, oboe and euphonium “2 Chamadas não Atendidas”.



Graduated from the École Internationale de Théâtre Lassaad creator’s school (Jacques Lecoq pedagogy) in Brussels and with a postgraduate degree in Performing Arts, variant of Theater of Movement by the Lisbon School of Theater and Cinema.  Currently works as an actress at Companhia Caótica in Portugal and France. Staged for the Companhia de Ópera do Castelo, Chapitô, Tocá Rufar, A Barraca and TEUC. Participated in several television projects. She was a teacher at the circus school in Lisbon, Chapitô and teaches movement for stage. She integrates the quartet Penicos de Prata as a singer and ukulele player.